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Discovering the caves in the area

Discovering the caves in the area

  • Cocaliere
    Grotte de la Cocalière

    Come and discover La Cocalière cave, one of France’s most beautiful caves, and set off on a wonderful journey to the centre of the Earth between Gard and Ardèche.

  • Aven orgnac
    Aven d'Orgnac

    The origin of the cave goes back a hundred million years, to the formation of limestone which later was gradually dissolved, leaving the impressive cavity of Aven d'Orgnac which was discovered in 1935. Visitors can now admire the gigantic underground chambers and their majestic deposits of calcium carbonate including structures such as stalactites and stalagmites which take millions of years to develop.

  • Aven Marzal
    Aven Marzal

    E. A. Martel, the father of modern speleology, discovered Aven Marzal in 1892. This was how he described it : « A sink hole merging with a huge cave, one of the most admirable caves we know in respect to the concretions. »"