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  • Domaine du Chemin Royal

    Domaine du Chemin Royal

    Situated on the threshold of Provence, between the Rhône Valley (Montélimar) and southern Ardèche, in the town of Saint Germain, Ardèche, the « Domaine du Chemin Royal » (Royal Road Estate) awaits you with its stately manor divided into six luxury flats entirely refurbished in accordance with architectural tradition. The site is exceptional and authentic and its natural surroundings are rich in history. Whether you are looking for rest or activities, this is the place to come for your holiday.


  • An ideal setting

    An ideal setting

    This is the perfect place to spend a weekend, a week or more with your family and friends. The Domaine du Chemin Royal has a verdant park with many varieties of trees and is the ideal setting for your family reunions, weddings and other gatherings.
  • Leisure


    In this privileged environment where nature has remained untouched, you'll enjoy having the time for hiking or cycling on the trails and ancient paved roman roads which run through the Domaine. You can also swim in the river nearby or in our pool, have a go at canyoning in the Ardèche Gorges or go for a spot of fishing if you wish, and even hunt during the low season...
  • The Domain

    The Domain

    The Domain adjoins Vogüé, a village built like an amphitheatre tucked into a cliff and looking down on the River Ardèche. Vogüé is listed among the most beautiful villages in France. Above the housetops rise the four impressive towers and the posterns of the typical Languedoc style castle which belonged to the Lords of Vogüé. History says that they attached importance to the Domain, particularly because of the crops it yielded and the fresh water supply for the castle which came from the well dug in the heart of the Domain which is still in use today.
  • The territory

    The territory

    This ideal place for your stay is in a preserved area, belonging to a territory whose ancient roots were revealed with the discovery of the decorated Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave in 1994. Here, the first artists in the history of humankind created their masterpieces 36, 000 years ago, portraying horses, lions, rhinoceros and many other animals in the midst of action, running, hunting or in combat with one another. La Caverne du Pont d'Arc (Pont d'Arc Cavern) is a perfect replica of this unique cave and it is only a few kilometers away from the Domaine du Chemin Royal. Don't miss visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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